Bible Journaling

Hello My Sassy Friends,

It has been a while since I shared with you. Life has really been hectic. However, God is always in control. With that being said, I have been seeking God more than ever before. In that process I have started Bible Journaling. Bible Journaling is simply spending time with God and expressing yourself creatively with God’s word. This is new for me, however I would like to share with you photos of what I have done so far. They are not perfect, but I am having so much fun spending time with my word. At a later date I will share with you my supplies and the Bible I purchased for journaling.

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Love you,

Dr. Sassy

2 thoughts on “Bible Journaling

  1. This is a neat idea. I was admiring my “Beautiful Words” Bible today that I purchased back in May. I would like more information on ‘bible journaling’ to add to my beautiful bible. I think that this is an excellent motivator to read/study the Word for the artistics :). Thanks for sharing.


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